Protect business critical assets

The complexity of the IT systems running today’s digital business is rapidly increasing, steadily redefining the threat landscape.
As Internet connected systems are often the primary attack surface for an organization, their security plays a crucial role in safeguarding business critical assets.
F-Secure’s cyber security assessments aim at identifying vulnerabilities present in the code and implementation of digital business, independent of underlying technologies and third-party products.


Assessing a target

Our approach to cyber security assessments is consistent with recognized industry practices and complemented by our extensive experience spanning from front-end, middleware, to back-end systems.

Our assessments are tailored to meet client needs and using our detailed methodology, a combination of manual techniques and the right set of proprietary and commercial tools, can pinpoint specific vulnerabilities and identify underlying problems that may pose unwanted risks to your organisation.

Server architecture and security specifications
Business logic
Authentication, access control, and authorisation
Use of cryptography
Session management
Error condition handling and exception management
Data validation, confidentiality, and integrity
Hardware security
Management interfaces
Privacy concerns

F-Secure have extensive experience in performing security assessments targeting varied environments.

From our experience, many of the applications and systems we assess contain common vulnerabilities that could, when exploited, introduce business impacts that no organization can afford to accept: for example, privacy issues, data manipulation, information theft and damaged reputation.


The F-Secure way 

We focus on understanding your business and its impact on security requirements, and ensure that your organization complies with both internal and external security requirements. The result is secure and robust services for your government and business partners, customers, and internal users.

We believe in tailor-made assignments to suit your information security strategy and take into consideration your unique requirements. Our actions from initial dialogue to delivery of the security report are always adjusted to your specific needs, with the aim to build long-term partnerships that will bring improved return on cyber investments to you.

  • Highly cost effective
  • Tailor-made assignments to suit your information security strategy
  • Improved return on cyber investments
  • Training in secure application development and consulting in security-driven software development lifecycles (SDLCs)


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