Encryption backdoors and how they affect you

Encryption is the process of encoding and decoding messages so that only authorised people can view the contents of the message. Computers today have allowed the use of much more complex encryption systems because we can rely on the technology to do the extremely tough number-crunching required to decode encrypted messages.   A ‘backdoor’ in computing is a way of bypassing the normal method of authentication. Backdoors are often hidden in part of the design of the program or algorithm. A backdoor would ... Read more

Protect your privacy on Facebook 

Protect your privacy on Facebook    Facebook is one of the most popular platforms used by more than half of the world’s population. However, Facebook’s latest attempts to connect people on the Internet have left many users feeling overexposed. The world’s most popular social network made the decision to opt its 400+ million users into “Instant Personalization”, which instantly shared users’ “general information” with Facebook’s partner sites. In addition, Facebook’s new Community Pages automatically connect you to any topic, brand or personality that you’ve expressed ... Read more

F-Secure SAFE – The upper hand on ransomware

Ransomware has disrupted many online users in the past few years. Finally, there is a way to avoid these malicious attacks with F-Secure’s SAFE. Its advanced behaviour protection, known as DeepGuard, is what sets F-Secure’s SAFE apart from the rest.   The new trend of cryptojacking has distracted many attackers with the sights of newer prospects to extort. This gave F-Secure the perfect opportunity to address the threat that has held millions of user’s confidential information. They have found the problem, dissected it ... Read more

3 vulnerabilities inside the network

The advanced technology in today’s day and age has allowed for our network security devices to do a good job of protecting our networks from malicious malware and criminal hackers. However, there is the rarity of the cyber monster already inside of your network. In similar situations that may occur, here are 3 common examples of how one’s network can be attacked and how to prevent it:   USB’s USB thumb drives may well be the most common ways to infect a network ... Read more

Have you heard of EternalBlue?

    An amazing revelation has been uncovered. All hackers, crypto-miners and Ransomware affiliates alike, have one thing in common. Though their methods and end-goals may vary, they have all made use of a leaked National Security Agency (NSA) hacking tool called EternalBlue. What exactly does this hacking tool do?   EternalBlue is the name of a software vulnerability in Microsoft's Windows operating system and is also an exploit the National Security Agency developed to adapt the bug for use as a weapon. The exploit ... Read more

Why Cyber Security is still important

Cyber attacks are more prevalent today than a few years ago. With these occurrances happening daily as seen by the media publishing the information, we should all now have the mentality of everyone being at risk. The number of cyber crimes is increasing at a rapid rate with no sign of change. With the increase in attacks, more serious trends emerge as a result. Cyber criminals used to be identified as individuals or small groups; now there are partnerships between criminal organisations ... Read more

What is an Evil Maid attack?

What is an Evil Maid attack?   An evil maid attack is a security exploit that is characterised by the attacker’s ability to physically access a computing device that has been left unattended. As far-fetched as this analogy sounds, the rate at which attacks like these occur makes this term more real. You’re on location for a meeting and check into a hotel for this business trip. Leaving your belongings in your hotel room is a no-brainer and pay no mind to the safety ... Read more

Cryptography for your business

Cryptography for your business   Cryptography is the practise and study of techniques for securing communication and data in the presence of online threats that may occur. Modern cryptography uses sophisticated mathematical equations (algorithms) and secret keys to encrypt and decrypt data. With companies hosting so much sensitive information, cryptography is therefore used to provide integrity to your data, maintain a strict standard with regards to authentication and anonymity to your company’s communication.   Cryptography is used to protect e-mail messages, credit card information and corporate data. ... Read more

The security of your IOT devices is now more important than ever

The security of your IOT devices is now more important than ever   The number of intelligent objects that are being connected to the internet and to each other continues to grow at a rapid rate. IOT devices have infiltrated the heart of most operational and infrastructure systems, thus forming a solid standard of our current and future smart devices. Schools, homes and businesses’ growing dependence on IOT devices; brought along the inevitable expectancy of manufacturers to implement strict security standards. There is ... Read more

3 VPN Myths Uncovered 

3 VPN Myths Uncovered    There are many misconceptions surrounding Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s) and how to use them more effectively and efficiently. When discussing how to secure data transfers, IT professionals unavoidably end up comparing VPN’s. Even though there are many ways to transfer data securely from one network to the next, VPN’s are often the main approach. However, a VPN alone will not protect your online presence entirely. Here are 3 myths that will aid in a better understanding of the ... Read more
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